Jean-Paul RAVIT - Sculptures in stone & Bronzes

Jean-Paul RAVIT was born in 1943 in Livron-sur-Drôme where he works and lives since 1998 in his studio-gallery “L’Arlequin”.

Heir to a dynasty of marble workers and after technical studies, he settled first his own marble masonry in Pertuis. Increasingly attracted by the pure creation, he enrolled in 1980 at the Maison des Artistes and set up his first workshop of sculptor in Ardeche.

The artist immediately awarded numerous prizes such as the bronze medal at the “Salon des Artistes Français” in Paris, the silver medal at the Art Expo at the Coliseum in New York, the “1st Grand Prix of the European Prestige in sculpture” in Arles, the Medal gold of the “World Culture and Arts” in Cannes… He also bacame a member of the prestigious “Académie Drômoise”.

His art is characterized by the strength of models, the accuracy of curves and the finishes. He loves the material, whether stone, marble, bronze or wood. Sometimes in abstraction, sometimes in an extreme realism, sometimes in a purified style, he keeps the rigor of a great exigency to achieve a timeless classicism.


Jean-Paul RAVIT - Ultimate exhibition in his Galerie de l'Arlequin

Dauphiné Libéré - Jean-Paul RAVIT - Ultimate exhibition in his Galerie de l'Arlequin